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Ok, so, we are living in some difficult times? What I imply is, as a result of the #coronavirus, also known as, #covid 19 pandemic, millions of individuals in the USA, Canada, as well as other parts of the world merely do not wish to leave their houses unless they definitely require to. Furthermore, we as Americans and also Canadians, are not used to being required to the confinements of our houses. We are meant to be residing in a complimentary nation, aren’t we? Consequently, if you are like me, as well as want to still do enjoyable points with you and your family, you will certainly not stop until you locate some way of producing a #staycation!
What is a #staycation? A #staycation is a vacation within your extremely own home. Several individuals will use similar terms like man cave or even family cave. So, just how does one develop a staycation? Well, this is where we at IN THE NEW AGE can be found in.
Currently you can POSSESS you own staycation for less than the cost of the ordinary vacation. Envision what it would certainly set you back to take you and your family to places like Hawaii, the Bahamas, Mexica, to Europe, Disney World or even among those high-risk germ-infested cruises?
Here is our Terminal Line-up of:
#arcadegames, and also #arcademachines that consisted of over 3,500 #classic #arcadegames like #pacman, Galaga, Donkey Kong, Missile Command, Frogger, Defender, Martial arts Champ, fighting games like Street Fighter, Ninja Turtles, Metal Slug games, and so a lot more!
Furthermore, we sell #virtual #pinball machines, also called #video #pinball machines that include over 2,000 #classic #pinballmachine #games like, Space Capsule, Pinbot, Avengers pinball games, The Adams Family, Comet, and much more! Furthermore, our #virtual #pinball #tables include up to a 49″ high-definition LCD display, and also a 32″ LCD screen for the back.
Oh, yes, did I forget to discuss we are an authorized dealer for the finest and the last American #jukebox maker, #rock- Ola #jukeboxes?
We sell CD #jukeboxes, Vinyl-45 record playing #jukeboxes, and the famous #Rock- Ola Songs. The Rock-Ola Music facility is an electronic download #jukebox that has a music capability of 60,000+ song titles.
Ok, so we have some fantastic #game #room products. In times like this, meaning the #coronavirus #pandemic, we can well prepare you with some crucial and fairly necessary #health #machines such as however not restricted to; #Air #purifiers, #Air #disinfection #devices, #pemf #machines to build up your body’s all-natural immune system, the world famous #pyroenergen electrostatic therapy machines and lots of even more #alternative #health #products.
All items available on our site:
– Arcade machines:
Arcade games that include approximately 4,500+ popular video arcade games such as but not restricted to; Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Vermin, Galaga, Street Fighter games, Dual Dragon, Metal Slug games, Space Invaders, Planets, Defender, Stargate, NBA Jam, Martial Arts Champ, as well as a lot more!
– Pinball machines:
Criterion pinball machines, single game pinball machines, and virtual pinball machines that include 2,000+ famous pinball games such as however not limited to; Great void, Street Fighter, Comet, Space Capsule, 8 Round Deluxe, Evil Knievel, Dirty Harry, Physician That, Elvira, Jurassic Park and also even more!
– Slot machines:
Real Las Vegas casino slot machines such as however not limited to; IGT slot machines including IGT Game King, Bally slots, WMS slot machines.
– Jukeboxes:
Rock-Ola jukeboxes; Rock-Ola CD jukeboxes, Rock-Ola vinyl-45 jukeboxes, and the Rock-Ola Songs Facility digital downloadable jukebox!
Other game room items
Air Hockey, Foosball, Bubble hockey, Dart machines, popcorn machines, skill crane plaything machines.
– Save money:
[When putting an order online or by telephone, use coupon code “save5” and obtain 5% off on most game room products consisting of but not restricted to; Arcade games, arcade machines, pinball machines, slot machines, jukeboxes, as well as game tables!] IN THE NEW AGE

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